Kit review: Tucano Urbano helmet bag

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Tucano Urbano helmet bag, £24.90

Time owned: Four months

What’s good? Tucano Urbano does a good line in innovative solutions to the every day impracticalities of motorcycling and this helmet bag is typical.

It lets you chain your helmet to a wheel while it’s zipped up inside the waterproof bag, providing secure and dry storage. The chain goes in one hole, through the helmet’s chin bar and out another.

It’s basically like having an underseat helmet compartment except it folds up and fits, er, under your seat. With a removable shoulder strap, it also serves very well for carting your helmet around. 

What’s not? Only that chaining your helmet to a wheel while simultaneously zipping it into a bag is as fiddly as it sounds. And while the material is waterproof, the zip at the base isn’t, so if it really belts it down there’s chance your helmet will get damp.


Rating: 4/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell