Nexx XR1R Carbon helmet

Nexx XR1R Carbon helmet, £299.99
Miles covered/time:
1000/two months

What’s good: This is the best road helmet I’ve worn. The visor is very tall and broad, giving you a fantastic view of the road, sky, clocks and neighbouring lanes. It makes the slit-like view from my AGV Stealth SV feel like wearing Ned Kelly’s steel helmet in comparison.

Unlike any other motorcycle helmet I’ve worn, the vents actually work and deliver a tangible flow of cool air to your brow. It’s extremely light (1300g), making it a joy to wear on longer trips, as well as coming with adjustable and removable linings to fit the neutrally-designed helmet to your head shape.

Sound levels are low - even at motorway speeds – and it has the benefit of being amongst the best looking helmets on the market.

Portuguese firm Nexx – whose range mainly includes stylish open-faced lids – deserve to win an award for this one.

What’s not: The visor is a non-quick-release system using coin-sized aluminium screws. You can easily take them out with a 2p piece, but it’s not as slick as most other systems.

Nexx make up for this by including Pinlock posts in all their visors, making fitting an anti-fog insert a 60-second job. The non-carbon XR1R costs £100 less, which is worth considering if you’re budget conscious.

Rating: 5/5

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