Helmet review: Davida Jet

Davida Jet helmet, £235
Miles covered/time:
9100/one year, nine months

What’s good: So often in the course of writing these reviews our opinions and findings are tempered by a caveat along the lines of: “thankfully, I’ve not crashed in this so can’t vouch for how it would perform, but…” I’m glad (in a way) on this occasion to say that there’s no need to trot out that old line.

Approximately two weeks after writing the prophetic words: “There are years of service left in this (fast becoming) old faithful”, I hit the deck at speed. My shoulder took the initial impact, messing up a collarbone in the process, but the next thing to touch down on tarmac was the side of my head/helmet.

Three separate impacts and successive abrasion (clearly visible on the photos) at 60mph failed to give me as much as a headache. I’d gladly wear one of these for another 9000 miles, and then some.

What’s not: Beyond some (very) minor niggles, nothing at all. It looks great, and now I know it will perform in a crash. (It’s also ACU approved for track use.)

Contact: www.davida.co.uk
Rating: 5/5

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