Product Review: Shoei Hornet ADV (£449)

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What’s good about the Shoei Hornet ADV?

I may have only used this helmet for a one week, but it was an intense seven days that included the recent launch of the long-awaited Honda Africa Twin. Before flying out to South Africa I used the helmet for two days on my daily commute, which straight away racked up 260 miles of mainly motorway miles. I have to confess I’m not a big fan of peaked helmets for road use. In the past I’ve used an Arai Tour X3 and quickly tired of the excessive wind noise and the way windblast gets under the peak and rips my head backwards. I thought it was an inevitable side effect of this type of helmet, but so far the Shoei has dispersed my pre-conceptions. While it has a peak, the Shoei engineers have clearly spent a lot of time minimising its effect in terms of fast road riding performance and the wind seems to flow through the very gappy peak design. As a result I find it as quiet as, if not quieter than, my regular road focused Arai Quantum helmet. Comfort wise the Hornet ADV is a close-fitting helmet and sits incredibly securely on my head, which is reassuring both on and off road. It’s also relatively light, while being heavy enough to give me the welcoming reassurance of a top-quality helmet.

And what’s not?

I know any helmet would be hot while riding in 40° heat in South Africa, but although the chin-mounted vent worked well, I couldn’t honestly tell you if the main central forehead vent was open or not. The visor shuts securely, but having got used to Arai visors, which you can position anywhere, I found it too big a step to the first opening spot from fully closed.

Time tested

One week/750 miles


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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

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