Review: Shark Spartan helmet

Price £350

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Tester Adam Child

Time tested Six months/5000miles

What’s Good? I should have listened to MCN’s Consumer Editor years ago and opted for a specific touring helmet rather than wearing one of my race lids for my 90-mile commute to work. My new Shark Spartan has made such a difference to my long A-road and motorway ride to the office. Being a mix of carbon fibre and fibreglass means it’s lightweight, weighing just 1300g, plus it’s comfortable and quiet. Shark have developed their Shark Skin system on the visor mechanism which they claim reduces the whistling noise caused when the helmet cuts through the air, and it seems to work. The internals are easy to remove for cleaning, and you’ve even got the option to change them for thicker or thinner cheek pads to improve the fit.

But the best part about the Spartan is that it comes with an integrated sun visor built in. I’ve always avoided helmets with a sun visor as I deemed them uncool, but they do make life so much easier. No more fiddling about with changing visors to cope with low-angle sun on my early morning commute. I’ll still use my race lid for racing and trackdays, but for my commute I’ll be sticking with my sensible Spartan.

What’s not? The outer clear visor feels a little flimsy when compared to the thick visors on my racier Shark lids.

Price: £350 

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Adam Child

By Adam Child

Former MCN Road Tester with 15 years road testing experience on all kinds of bikes