Barbour International Original jacket and Warm-pile liner

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Barbour International Original jacket, £229.95
(plus £39.95 for Warm-pile liner)

Miles covered/time: 1800/four months.  

What’s good: Some motorcycling garments have the magical ability to make you feel a million dollars as soon as you pull them on. The Barbour International is one such garment. Seventy-six years of heritage, the often imitated tartan lining, slanted breast pocket, brass buttons and belt – signatures of one of the icons of motorcycling kit. In use, its deep (and long-flapped) pockets have more than enough capacity for undergloves, earplugs, house keys, neck warmer and wallet.

They’re proven waterproof, too. The corduroy collar is comfortable and the belt, aesthetics aside, does a good job of keeping wind from rushing up the back. The eight-ounce waxed cotton outer has proved itself to be utterly waterproof through four months of autumn/winter use. With the addition of the optional (yet essential in colder weather) warm-pile lining, this jacket is warm enough at motorway speeds (providing you’re wearing some chunky knitwear underneath) in temperatures as low as 1°C. 

What’s not: It’s un-armoured. But neither does it claim to be protective. If this concerns you, it’s cut generously enough to accommodate an aftermarket, off-road-style armoured top.


Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott