Revit Tarmac one-piece leathers

Revit Tarmac one-piece leathers, £699.99

Miles covered/time: 2500/two months

What's good?: I don’t remember these leathers being particularly stiff when I first put them on, and after a day of road testing they were nice and supple – the cut of these leathers seems to match my lanky 6ft 1in frame perfectly, with all the armour in exactly the right place and anchored securely. And with MotoGP’s biggest crasher Randy de Puniet testing RevIt kit to destruction every weekend, I’m pretty confident the armour will be top notch. The 1.1-1.2mm thick leather feels very high quality and the perforations that cover most of the front of the suit are more than enough to keep me cool both on and off the bike. Wearing them for over 13 hours travelling from Peterborough to Germany there were no problems.

What's not?: The arms are a little short for bikes with longer reaches, but they’re not the worst I’ve had to deal with. Despite the suit being perfectly comfy everywhere else, the right shoulder armour begins to dig in a little after a full day of riding when I’m off the bike.


Rating: 5/5

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