Product Review: Arc-on Evo 2 one-piece race suit

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Arc-on Evo 2 one-piece race suit
£749 (£849 custom fitted)
Time tested Six months

What’s good? Arc-on are small, London-based specialists offering both off-the-peg and custom-fitted leathers. The tailoring service adds £100 to the price of a top-of-the-range Evo 2 one-piece suit but delivers a fit that makes it feel indisputably yours from day one.

My Evo 2 strikes an ideal balance between allowing carefree freedom of movement and giving a sense of snug security. It’s substantial (1.2mm to 1.4mm hide) but not heavy and, decisively, never pulls or restricts or intrudes on the ride.

It’s heavily vented, too, by a combination of extensive Kevlar stretch panels and a zillion small-bore holes in both front and back, so runs pleasingly cool on the hot days of summer (but needs an overjacket this time of year). I particularly like the deep neoprene cuffs, which provide a smooth and clean overlap with gloves.

For crashing, a predominantly cowhide construction is triple stitched, with key seams also glued, and supported by Kevlar stretch panels and raised, highly abrasion resistant stingray inserts in the back of the thighs. Forcefield’s pre-curved CE level 2 armour is in the shoulders, elbows and knees/shins (but not in the hips) while titanium sliders are deployed on the knees and elbows to prevent sliding limbs grabbing the road. For an £850 suit, for which you can specify your own colours, design and patches, that’s a pretty impressive spec list.

What’s not? In contrast to the cuffs, a double zip entry in the calf makes things a little busy inside your boots, so I wear the legs as outies. And while the suit’s lining is antibacterial it is also non-removable and therefore non-washable, meaning the Evo 2’s lifespan is ultimately dependent on how grotty things are getting in the ghetto.


Quality rating****

Value rating *****


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