Product Review: Berik 8320 one-piece leather suit

Monday, October 12

Product Review: Berik 8320 one-piece leather suit £399

Tested by: Emma Franklin

Time tested: Four years/5000 track miles

What’s good? Incredibly this suit has survived six impacts with the ground, at various speeds and in numerous locations, and not only provided me with complete protection, but also lived to tell the tale. Made from 1.3mm-thick cowhide and featuring tough triple-stitched seams, the 8320 is robust enough to protect yet still light and comfortable enough to wear all day. Despite a few scuffs and damage to the sewn-on detailing, there’s no real attrition to the leather or any of the seams, meaning it’s still fit for regular use. The soft CE-approved armour in the knees, shoulders and elbows, which stays in place both when on and (falling) off the bike, has also protected me well in each crash, with bruising the only real bodily injury to speak of. There’s also a bit of padding in the hip area, which provides a bit of comfort, as well as neoprene sections at the cuffs and sturdy zips. Now superseded by the re-styled 9702 suit, some retailers are selling off the 8320 for a bargain £399. I wouldn’t hesitate buying another set, and would highly recommend them for club racers and trackday regulars.

What’s not? I seem to recall them taking a while to break in, but that’s probably a side-effect of their tough construction. Also, the perforated leather on the inside of my right calf has holed slightly, but this is something I’ve experienced with other leather suits, so isn’t necessarily a defect of the Berik’s design.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5