Product review: Rukka Suki Women's Two Piece

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4,000 miles and seven months prove this £1500 is worth the investment

What’s good?

Rukka is the Rolls Royce of motorcycle clothing. The quality and attention to detail are exceptional. I now understand why everybody who wears it raves about it. From the first wear, this female specific textile combo has felt comfortable. I’ve had ten hours in the saddle and ridden in temperatures ranging from -4 to 25-degrees.

It’s fitted with a combination of 100% breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining and a removable temperature regulating Outlast lining. There are zipped ventilation panels in both the jacket and the trousers and these were permanently open through the hot summer months. The zips and fasteners are sturdy and they don’t let in draughts or wet. The waterproof, external pockets in the jacket and trousers are a decent size, too and the braces come fitted as standard.

For those who remember Cannon and Ball they are a little bit ‘Rock on, Tommy’ and while they make me smile, they are practical and I always wear them. One extra benefit is that Rukka suits come with a six year extended warranty. I’ve not had to use it, but it gives great peace of mind.


What’s not?

It costs over £1500, so it is pricey, but you do get what you pay for. I have one criticism - the length of the trousers. They are only sold in short and standard lengths, which is too short for my 32 inch inside leg. 

Price £849.99 & £679.99
Quality 5/5
Value 4/5

If your budget won't stretch, here's a great alternative.....

Hein Gericke Tuareg Jacket & Atlas Trousers - £250 & £169.99


Maria's ridden 2500 miles in this great value suit, through all conditions. It's proved to be perfect for our ever-changing climate. You can check out the full review here.

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