Product review: Petzl Tikka headtorch

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Petzl Tikka headtorch, £32.50
Time used:
Seven months.

What's good? This ridiculously useful workshop accessory has so many uses it beggars belief.

Initially, and most importantly, it allows you to see into nooks hitherto hidden to the naked eye (behind tool chests, down exhaust pipes, etc).

Secondly, and almost as importantly, it works as an extra push bike light, raving accessory, imitation police light (when set to strobe and fixed to the front of the helmet*), or, when held beneath the chin and accompanied by a Vincent Price-style “mwah-ha-ha-ha”, can scare the living Christ out of your kids. Battery life is good, too.

What's not? It can sometimes slip back off the forehead if you’re foolish enough not to put it on properly (but that’s more user-error than an actual fault), and will blind you if you’re the sort of person who, when told not to stare at the sun, couldn’t help but take a glance.

Contact: or 01539-625493
Rating: 4/5

*Before anyone writes in, this is a joke.

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