Product review: Halfords Professional cantilever tool box

Product: Halfords Professional cantilever tool box £22.99
Miles covered/time:
One year/five race meets – 100s of garage hours

What’s good? Racing means most of my tools need to be portable, and also easy to find.

Drawer units are nice, but for convenience they can’t beat my cantilever box. Open it up and everything is on display in individual compartments – I have a system of spanners in one part, screwdrivers in another and so on.

It beats plastic DIY toolboxes where everything is lobbed in together, and it swallows a surprising amount of big and small tools.

It’s a very effective use of space – important when you’ve got to fit a race weekend’s worth of stuff in a van. For the quality, it’s reasonably priced, though I paid £3 less at the start of last year.

What’s not? Not much given the price. The cantilever mechanism needs regular lubing with WD40 or similar to stop it getting stiff.

I left it out in the paddock at a meet, and wind and rain conspired to open the steel lids and fill it with water.

My fault really, but it’s a downside to this sort of toolbox to bear in mind.

Contact: or local store
Rating: 4/5