Kit review: DustOff heavy-duty large waterproof cover

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DustOff heavy-duty large waterproof cover, £39 
Time owned: Six months  
What's good? I've got a heavy-duty Motrax cover which is very good except, after three years, I noticed its repetitive movement as it billowed in the wind was eroding the paint on an exposed edge of my fairing around the headlight. This cover has a soft anti-scratch panel lining where it contacts this part of the bike. It's to protect the screen but it's the paint that concerns me. The cover has vents so moisture inside can evaporate, a heatproof lower section so you can chuck it straight on after a ride and it's made from reassuringly tough-feeling waterproof polyester. The elasticated bottom holds it in place so well I haven't needed to fasten the securing strap. There are metal eyelets for a security chain. It's a bit like putting your bike in its own snug little house. I'm almost tempted to crawl in there with it.
What¹s not? That securing strap has no quick-release buckle so each time you fasten it you have to thread it manually, which is the real reason I haven't used it. Those eyelets for a security chain are only at the front wheel ­ it could do with some at the rear, so you can park the bike with the back wheel to the kerb and chain it to a lamppost. The eyelets are too small to accept the beefy 19mm links of the PJB Untouchable chain I prefer to use at home.
There are small plastic eyelets at the bottom on either side intended for a padlock but these seem impractical.
Rating: 3/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell