Product review: Muc-Off Bike Spray

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Muc-Off Bike Spray, £5.99 
Time used: Three months
What’s good? Spray it onto your bike after a wash and it leaves a ‘non-sticky protective film’. In real life it makes your bike sort of slimy at first but then really shiny. Especially anything black - painted engines look double rainbow after being treated with this. Thanks to this product my aged GPZ900R looks far better in the flesh than it does in photos. If you are selling a used bike, or just want to make your pride and joy sparkle a bit more it seems like a good investment.
What’s not? It doesn’t actually disperse water, which it claims to do. It’s basically hairspray for your bike. Using it may cause deputy editor Ped Baker to mock you.
Rating: 3/5

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Samuel Pinney

By Samuel Pinney