Product review: Science in Sport Go electrolyte drink

Science in Sport Go electrolyte drink, £1.50
Time used:
Six months

What’s good: Sports nutrition is fast becoming the new black – with racers like Cal Crutchlow swearing by this stuff. Basically, it’s a sachet of powder that you mix with half a litre of water, give it a shake, and Bob’s your uncle – zero dehydration, whether that’s on an arduous summer tour of the Alps, a baking hot Cadwell track day (the sun does shine there sometimes, you know) or, if you’re quicker than that, at a club race.

I’ve drunk this stuff at times when I’ve been otherwise tempted to have a coffee or a can of cola, and it really does prevent that penultimate-session-of-a-track-day-dehydration-headache we’ve all suffered at some point on a summer track thrash.

How does it work? The electrolytes in the drink replace important nutrients that the body loses through sweat.

These sachets, being flat, take up very little space in luggage, but if you get the taste for them, there are larger bottles available if you want to get a stock in and refill your favourite bottle at home before you set off.

What’s not: It’s not always practical to carry a drinks bottle around with you when you’re out for a blast on a summer’s day.

Verdict: 4/5

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