Ventura sport rack

Ventura sport rack, £152.97
Miles covered/time:
1000/eight months

What's good: Ventura’s motorcycle luggage system consists of two brackets which bolt securely on to the sub-frame, to which a grab rail, ‘pack rack’ or smaller ‘sport rack’ can be attached. I’ve gone for the latter, which is neat enough to compliment the bike’s looks.

Unlike some so-called sports racks that simply bolt on in place of the grab rail, it can actually carry some weight.  Ventura was also the only firm I found that could still supply a rack for my 1986 Kawasaki GPz550.

What’s not: Having said it can carry weight, its sturdiness is actually of slight concern. Ventura do their own bags and the one for the sport rack is a titchy 10 litres. I’ve gone instead for a topbox and, from the way it wobbles, think I might have over-egged it.

Larger Ventura bags are for the pack rack, which compared to this one looks hideous. Unless I keep weight in the box to a minimum, my GPz develops an annoying 30mph shimmy, but I think I have to blame that on the bike.

Rating: 3/5

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