Product review: Oxford Bumper cable lock

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Oxford Bumper cable lock, £3.99 (£3.79 on MCN shop)
Time used:
Six years

What's good: It’s convenient and useful for low-risk applications like locking a helmet to a wheel while you pop into a shop. It will fit in the smallest nook or pocket and it’s so light you’ll forget it’s there.

In a not-particularly scientific test by MCN’s 6ft 5in deputy editor, it proved impossible to break using brute force alone. And it costs under a fiver. 

What’s not: MCN’s deputy editor is a gangly weakling; a stern look from an experienced thief would probably snap this puny cable lock. In any event, a pair of cable cutters would certainly make short work of it.

Oxford Products says it’s 6mm in diameter but that must include the plastic sheath. The steel cable underneath is barely 4mm thick.

Treated as an anti-snatch device for a helmet or clothing (which is what it’s marketed as), it’s a usefully accessory.

But for more theft-prone belongings, like, say, a motorbike, it’s not suitable.

Rating: 3/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell