Ogio TY Video 2 backpack

Ogio TY Video 2 backpack, £99.99

Miles covered/time: 5000+/five months

What’s good: The carrying capacity of 49 litres and the strong, well thought-out design have made this backpack as essential as my leathers, crash helmet etc. Put another way it can hold everything I need for an average day. I’m talking big Nikon camera and spare lens, handheld video camera, waterproofs, laptop computer, phones, sounds, keys, pens, visors, shoes and so much more.

The large bag-section comes with removable padded sections to keep expensive camera kit in place with internal zip pockets to keep memory cards, cash and other fiddly stuff safe. The separate padded compartment for a 15.6in laptop is genius. Five zipped external pockets ranging from A4 notepad size and down serve to stow the 50-or-so differing mains chargers needed nowadays.

Strong shoulder straps aren’t overly padded but don’t dig in even when the back pack’s overloaded and chest and waist straps keep it firmly in place when attacking roundabouts or the occasional green lane rides – all straps are adjustable. A 210-mile ride never caused discomfort. Vent mesh on the rear keeps sweating to a minimum when getting angry at airport queue jumpers. A top-mounted carrying handle is perfect for targeting obnoxious gits’ heads when lifting it into aircraft overhead lockers.

What’s not: Professional photographers asking why I’ve got such a bag and they haven’t and could I get them one cheap (no, before you ask). It would be nice to have a smattering of reflective material and a small clip-like system to prevent the two-way zips from opening – hasn’t happened yet but I’m constantly checking – but then this bag wasn’t designed specifically for motorcyclists. The fact this bag can handle my abuse speaks volumes.

Contact: www.madison.co.uk

Rating: 4/5

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