Product Review: Bumpstop ground anchor

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Bumpstop ground anchor, £49.99

Time used
: Three months

What’s good: It can be fitted to a wall just as easily as the ground, making the chain more difficult to attack by elevating it. The 10mm diameter bolts that secure it are impossible to reach with the chain in place. It’s relatively cheap but double-walled and tough looking. The manufacturer says the gap between the walls varies in thickness, a trick that causes disc cutters to jam.

What’s not: It’s not attack with a disc cutter that worries me. I’m not entirely convinced that a well-aimed whack with a sledgehammer wouldn’t tear the bolts and anchor out of the wall. The bolts enter the wall diagonally, which provides extra security but takes some doing with the drill. It’s trickier than the instructions would suggest. The ground anchor is also too small to accommodate the biggest security chains. It provides some peace of mind but I’m not sure I’d depend on it to protect a ten grand sports bike.

Rating: 3/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell