Luggage review: Bags Connection Ballistic Quick Lock Evo GS tank bag

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Bags Connection Ballistic Quick Lock Evo GS tank bag, £198.20
Miles covered/time:
3000/two months

What’s good: This tankbag seems fairly robustly constructed. It also lives up to the ‘Quick Lock’ description in its product name, in that it is quick and easy to fix to the top of your bike’s fuel tank (in my case, the tank of a Kawasaki ZZR1400).

This is effected by a horseshoe-shaped locking ring under the base of the bag, which locks into a tank ring that you fit around the outside of your bike’s fuel filler orifice with the extra-long bolts provided.

The bag can be expanded from 16 to 22 litres in capacity via the usual zippered expansion method, and has two side pockets, one rear pocket and a main ‘trapdoor’ entry to the belly of the bag (with a little plastic see-through compartment for your mobile phone in the trapdoor flap).

All in all, a bag that’s capacious enough for everyday use with the expandability to take it to touring-type capacity.     

What’s not: Although it’s easy to fit, the Quick Lock Evo Tank Ring costs an extra £28.25 on top of the £169.95 for the bag itself. The bag isn’t waterproof, either, and just comes with one of those cheap ‘Pac-a-mac’ type plastic covers – it works but it’s a pretty basic solution.

The worst thing about this bag, though – when used on a ZZR1400, anyway – is that, even when fitted as far forward as possible, the overhang at the rear of the tank is excessive.

That means that, when it’s fully expanded and fully filled, even my gibbon-like arms are at full stretch to the bars – to the extent that I have to ‘chest-bump’ the rear edge of the bag flatter to achieve safe control of the bike.

For commuting, just loaded up with my lunch box and a few other bits and bobs, it’s OK – in fact it can act as a comfy ‘chest pillow’. But, in my eyes, that limits its use too severely to justify the cost.           

Rating: 2/5

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Mark Holmes

By Mark Holmes