Product review: Skidmarx fairing lower

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Skidmarx fairing lower, £99.95
Time used:
One year

What’s good: Like many riders I’m sure, I’m slightly addicted to accessorising my bikes, often needlessly. So when I saw that Skidmarx still produce a bellypan to fit my 1986 GPz550, I couldn’t stop myself getting one.

I thought it would smarten the old nail up. I’d seen GPz550s with bellypans, and thought they looked quite good.

What’s not: It looked OK on the website. But after taking delivery of it, I lost all enthusiasm for fitting it.

It’s a piece of wrong-coloured bendy fibreglass, all lumpy on the inside like a canoe. There are no bolt holes – you’re expected to drill them yourself. The edges look like they were cut by someone with shaky hands.

Compared to this, the fading plastics on my GPz are contemporary artworks.  It seemed wrong to cheapen the rugged old hack with it.

As a result, the bellypan has languished in the garage since I got it a year ago. It’s not even than cheap.

Rating: 1/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell