Parts Review: Motrax Tyre Warmers

Motrax tyre warmers, under £200 (in 2003)

Time tested: Ten years

What’s good? These well-used warmers are around 10 years old, cost less than £200 new and still work like new. What a bargain. I’ve used them at the TT, North West 200, Oliver’s Mount and countless club race meetings and they’ve never let me down once. They’re not fancy, but they do have a thermostat so they won’t cook your race rubber if you leave them on all day. There are two small LED indicators, so you know if they are working, or if your generator has packed up again!

What’s not? Motrax went bust, so I can’t find any for sale. I would like more, just in case, as there can’t be much more life in these.

Contact: (for £185 BikeTek tyrewarmers, similar to the old Motrax model)

Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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