Product Review: Telferizer sat-nav mount

Telferizer sat-nav mount

Time tested: 2000 miles/ four months

What’s good? The flexibility of being able to mount a sat-nav in seconds, and remove it again in just as short a time, means I can choose when I need help finding my destination. It’s a metal mount that in this instance slots into the hole that runs from my Triumph Street Triple’s top yoke through the steering stem and then secures by turning it to open up the wellnut that sits inside that slot. It works in the same way for many bikes, but on some fitments it replaces one of the handlebar mounting bolts. Whatever method of securing to the bike, on top is the ball section of a RAM mount, the device that comes with most motorcycle sat-navs. It’s a far neater mounting method than the bar clamp that comes with the RAM mount itself, and by sitting in the centre of the dash it gives more flexibility on where to have the sat-nav screen. RAM mounts also secure a wide range of other gadgets, not just sat-navs, so it’s a good way of mounting an onboard camera, for example.

What’s not? It’s only useful for those with a bike-specific GPS unit that comes with a RAM mount, or those willing to spend out on the RAM kit itself (£40). But for those people, I can’t think of any criticism of the product.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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