Product Review: Kriega R30 Rucksack

Kriega R30 Rucksack, £139

Time tested/miles: Four years/ 45,000 miles (approx.)

What’s good? I love this rucksack. It’s a constant companion and has seen me through four years of use in all weathers, across many different countries as well as almost daily use and yet it still looks almost as fresh as it did when I first got it in 2010. Other Kriega rucksacks get unfairly criticised for not being waterproof, even when they do not claim to be, but the R30’s main compartment has a liner and roll-over top closure which has, so far, not been breached by even a single drop of water. The outer two pockets are water-resistant but do get damp after long exposure to rain. The ‘Quadlock’ harness makes sure I stay comfortable even if the bag is heavy and I have done some big mileage in short periods and can testify to the long-distance comfort

What’s not? If you lift the rucksack up by the shoulder straps then part of it can slide out of a recess and flaps about if you don’t notice before setting off; annoying as you have to stop to hide it away again. They are very expensive but you definitely get a product that is built to last.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5