Product Review: Racelogic VBOX Sport

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Racelogic VBOX Sport £298

Tester: Emma Franklin

Time tested: 12 months

What’s good? Dataloggers used to be complex – a mass of wires, antennas and impenetrable software. They also used to be extremely expensive, making them the preserve of pro race teams. But this VBOX Sport is none of these things – it’s literally a push and play system; just push a button on the rugged rubber-coated unit and it logs via 20Hz (20 times per second) GPS as you play. No need for additional aerials or battery packs, everything is contained within the palm-sized box and it records onto a (supplied) SD card. I use it for racing as I find having sector times, peak speeds, acceleration and braking forces at various points of the lap particularly helpful. After a session I simply remove the SD and slide it into my laptop’s card reader and view the data using the supplied Windows-based Racelogic Circuit Tools software. This clever program instantly recognises the track (it even knew Darley Moor!) and pre-defines the start/finish line and various sectors. The in-built rechargeable battery lasts six hours and the unit will automatically stop recording when it’s been stationary for a while. I’ve found the lap times to be very accurate when compared to racing transponder times, and the GPS is very quick to lock on to a signal.

What’s not? The unit comes with Bluetooth functionality to allow it to connect to an iPhone or iPad and display live data, but I feel this is more a function that will be of use to car users, (who’s going to attach their iPhone/iPad onto their bars on a trackday?) and would rather the Bluetooth was able to download files to my laptop, which it can’t do. The basic VBOX Sport doesn’t come with any mounting brackets either, which is fine for me as I just gaffa tape it to my tailpiece.


Quality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer