Product Review: Maidstone Motoliner alloy wheel straightening

Maidstone Motoliner alloy wheel straightening

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What’s good? There are now an estimated 295 square miles of potholes on UK roads* and I suspect the front wheel of my 1990 Harley-Davidson FXR fell victim to one of the blighters some time ago. The damage to the aftermarket Custom Chrome front wheel happened before my ownership, but two dents in close proximity suggests a pothole was the culprit.

This particular model of pressed and welded wheel is 25 years old and no longer available but a similar, machined billet replacement from CCI would cost over £600. Luckily, the damage is cosmetic, and thanks to Maidstone Motoliner, it’s economically repairable. Repair prices start at £72 if you deliver the wheel naked to them, rising to £150 for a ride-in-ride-out service. Rear wheels are a few quid more. A ‘same day’ service where Motoliner fix the wheel and send it back on the same day they receive it, is available at no extra cost.

Maidstone Motoliner have been fixing alloy wheels since the 1970s and can repair cast, forged and even magnesium wheels on their bespoke truing jig. Where some wheel repairers (typically car workshops) use heat, hammers and dollys to bash a wheel true, Motoliner use hydraulic rams to press the wheel back into shape. The Motoliner way is gentler and more precise, meaning the wheel is worked less. Any damage to the rim has to be cosmetic only though, if the wheel is cracked Motoliner judge the wheel to be irreparable.

The repair is flawless. I had to check the photos I’d taken of the wheel before the repair to judge where the two dents were. Had the rim been painted, Motoliner also offer a repainting service.

What’s not? With a £1 billion gap in funding for road repairs* the pothole problem is only going to get worse… a lot worse. Motoliner is going to get busy.

Contact:, 01622 790705
Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5

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