Product Review: RidersMate safety device (£179.99)

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What’s good about the RidersMate safety device?

This is a simple concept that offers extra peace of mind – especially if you tend to ride by yourself and away from major routes. The unit clips to your bike (there’s an optional £5 attachment which makes this easier) and a lanyard attaches to your riding kit. Then if you have an unscheduled exit from the motorcycle, the lanyard pulls out and activates the unit, which fires off a text with your location to pre-programmed mobile phones. I’ve not needed it in anger, but trial activations revealed that it does exactly what it should – even in areas where normal mobile phone coverage is quite ropey. Inevitably, there will be the odd accidental detonation but if you plug back in within 35 seconds the RidersMate sends an instant cancellation message. Battery life is about 12 hours and it was easy to set up, although you’ll need to plug it into your computer to get up and running. It’s waterproof, so you can mount it on your bars in all weathers.

And what’s not?

It’s hard to argue against a device with such obvious safety potential. Mounting can be a fiddle, but the accessory bracket makes it straightforward. Looks-wise, it’s all a bit bright green and spoddy and it feels like something designed for the horse or mountain bike world (it’s also marketed at these activities). The bracket isn’t that attractive either. There is a risk of being lulled into a false sense of security since the device relies upon whoever you choose to receive the emergency text has their phone switched on/isn’t ignoring it due to a work meeting (although you can get it to alert multiple numbers).

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor