Product Review: Garmin zumo350LM sat-nav

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Garmin zumo350LM, £349.99 (superseded by zumo340LM – £299.99 & 360LM – £379.99)

Tester Richard Newland

Time tested Three years, 11,754miles and counting…

What’s good? I’ve used quite a few different Garmin units over the years, but this zumo350LM is by far my favourite, to date. Start-up is immediate, and I find the functionality so intuitive that to this day I’ve never had to refer to the user manual. The trip function shows that I’ve used this unit for 11,754 miles so far, and in that time it’s been fitted to six different bikes with equal success. It had nearly a year off in 2013 when I used a BMW Garmin zumo660LM on my long-term test bike (which is also an excellent unit), but sprung back into action with nothing more than a recharge and a free map update.

The unit is effortless in operation, its only function I don’t use being the audible prompts, and the LM (Lifetime Maps) part of the name means you never have to buy map upgrades – simply plug in and update whenever you want (or remember). You can even download and share, or plot and upload, routes before and after particularly memorable trips. The lane-assist feature is great around big intersections, while the road flowing towards you on screen is a great warning of the sinuous route ahead when you’re carving through the countryside. It’s never got me lost. This 350LM has effectively become the zumo340LM, while there’s also a 360LM which boasts even greater functionality – like a ‘twisty road’ route-finding function.

What’s not? The power cable gave up the ghost after being fitted to six bikes, and used/exposed in all weathers for many more miles than the unit was mounted and in use. You could criticise that, but I think it’s a fair casualty of use, and the replacement was affordable and easily available.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5


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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland