Product Review: Held Titan Evo custom-made gloves

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Held Titan Evo custom-made gloves, £375 (£250 plus £125 for made-to-measure service)

Tested by: Andy Downes

Time tested: One month

What’s good? There’s no getting away from the fact I have unusually shaped hands. Actually, I have short fingers attached to normal-sized palms, which has meant no gloves have ever properly fitted me. I’ve had gloves I have learnt to love, but I have never had any that weren’t either too small around the palms or too long in the finger. Until now. Held are the only manufacturer we are aware of who can custom-make gloves and after a measuring process which mapped and noted all of my hand, finger and wrist dimensions this is the result.

Normally getting new gloves broken in takes time but I used these all day on a recent bike launch on an intensive and demanding route through constant switchback roads in the French Alps and the gloves were perfect straight away. These are summer gloves and the venting is excellent, the fit is incredibly comfortable and the build quality of the Titan Evo is top-notch. The palms are kangaroo leather which is soft and supple yet strong, the ring and pinkie fingers are connected, there is titanium knuckle protection and stingray leather protects the fingers and thumb. And best of all they fit exactly as the old saying says.

What’s not? These are an expensive set of gloves in the first place and the customisation adds a big cost on top, but for people who have had suffered injuries or were unusually shaped from the beginning, like me, Held can make a set of gloves that are perfectly suited to them.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter