Product review: Duckswax leather protection and waterproofing

Product review: Duckswax leather protection and waterproofing, £9.95

Tester: Andy Downes

Time used: Three months

What’s good? This is potentially one of the best ways you can spend a tenner and my initial scepticism was proven to be completely wrong. I’ve now begun treating almost every bit of leather bike kit I possess with this waterproofing substance. I’ve done jackets, leathers, boots, gloves and even used it on one of my wife’s handbags. The product is a conditioner and a waterproofing treatment and works really, really well. It’s not going to bring a leather jacket up to Gore-Tex levels of water-tightness but on one really heavy downpour both boots and jacket just beaded the water off the leather. Application is easy and it smells nice too. There is still plenty left in the pot.

What’s not? Be sure to use it sparingly. Overly generous applications take a while to dry – but that makes it even better value for money.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5