Bullet Clear View visor shine review (£6.60)

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What’s good about the Bullet Clear View visor shine?

This visor cleaning kit is a great value product that comprises carnauba wax polish in a spray bottle and also comes with two microfibre cloths; one for the main work of cleaning the flies and dirt off, the other for a final polish and shine. At £6.60 it works out to be pretty cheap for what you get and the way the polish works to leave a water-repellent coating is very helpful in wet weather. The two cloths that come in the kit are both good quality and work well with the polish.

And what’s not?

I really can’t think of anything to knock this product about and it’s even lasting well as I use so little with each application.

Time tested

Six months



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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter