Ultimate Ear custom filtered earplugs review (£80)

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What’s good about the Ultimate Ear custom filtered earplugs?

Opinion on custom earplugs has always been divided, it seems you either get on with them or you don’t. I fall into the first category and love them. These plugs are very comfortable and under the helmet I hardly notice them. Because they are moulded to the shape of my ear they are a perfect and secure fit. These plugs have holes through them, which are filtered to allow some sound through, so I can hear what’s going on around me, which is great for normal road speeds and talking to people with my lid on. Ultimate Ear say their unfiltered plugs (£65) offer slightly more protection from wind noise, a consideration for high-speed riding on track. Overall, they are a great product and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

And what’s not?

The initial outlay is a lot steeper than your average off-the-shelf plugs. They also take a little getting used to; it took me a couple of weeks before I got the hang of putting them in but since then it has been a doddle. Factor in time and potentially money to get the impressions done too, I had mine done at MCN London Motorcycle Show in February but you can also get them done at a local audiologist or optician.

Time tested

Three months/8000 miles



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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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