Product Review: Gear Gremlin 10mm Tempest disc lock (£29.99)

What’s good about the Gear Gremlin Tempest disc lock?

The fluoro yellow paint is easily visible both to potential thieves, and to myself to remind me it’s there and stop me trying to ride off with it in place. The lock is a good size to keep under a seat or in a rucksack and allows some security without carrying the extra weight of a chain and padlock.

And what’s not?

The Gremlins come in more than just the brand name. After only three weeks the locking mechanism has become extremely difficult to use. Now on most occasions the lock will not come undone easily, deterring me using it for fear of being able to actually get it off again. The first time I discovered the problem was when it was secured to my disc. I thought I was going to be rendered stuck, until it finally opened after 15 minutes of pure frustration, and I haven’t had the nerve to use it again since. The paint has also started flaking off where it meets the disc and it doesn’t fill me with confidence for its long-term prospects. We have returned the lock to Gear Gremlin for investigation and we will report back after trying a second example to see if we suffer a similar problem.

Time tested

Three weeks


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