Product Review: Sealey Socket Set AK6942 (£196.74)

What’s good about the Sealey Socket Set AK6942?

I bought this socket set because I needed half-decent tools that wouldn’t break in a few years after moderate use, but without paying the prices demanded by Snap-On or Mac. I settled on this set of sockets, which comes with 3/8in and 1/2in ratchets and sockets that range from 10-32mm with a selection of adapters, deep sockets, joints and a decent breaker bar. It’s ideal for most applications I’m faced with and I’ve been really pleased with the set in the time I’ve owned it. Although the RRP is nearly £200, I went on the hunt and bought the set from Amazon for just over £130, which was a big saving and proves it pays to shop around. Overall, it’s a great set, well presented and made and should last for years.

And what’s not?

While it has a good range of sockets and accessories, there have been a couple of occasions when I’ve found myself needing extra sockets. I could understand the lack of a massive 46mm socket for my VFR800’s wheel hub, but there’s also no 8mm socket and that is something I need more frequently.

Time tested

Two years


Quality rating


Value rating


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