Rated: AIM SmartyCam GP HD

 AIM Smartycam GP HD, £888

Tester Emma Franklin

Time tested Two race meetings

What’s good: This professional-spec bullet camera both records all your on-track action in 1280p HD and also instantly creates data overlay graphics, when linked to an AIM logger, meaning you can create videos showing things like your live speed, engine rpm, lean angle and more. It’s beautifully made featuring a 67-degree wide-angle bullet camera wired to a screen unit encased in motorsport-grade aluminium, which is also waterproof and robust. The SmartyCam also features a smart record function which means it’ll start and stop recording as soon as it detects motion. The battery lasts for a full day of sessioned recording and is easily charged via USB. It’s the quickest and easiest way to create HD videos with data overlay and does away with the need for complicated software and video syncing.

What’s not: It’s quite bulky – I mounted the bullet cam on my bike’s tank using Blacktack, then had to find somewhere to stash the screen unit. And although it’s a very clever and beautifully made piece of kit, the price means it’s a little out of reach for trackday riders and club racers. This is professional-grade stuff at pro-prices.

Contact: aimshop.co.uk

Quality: 5/5

Value 3/5