Give us a lift! DRC MX bike lift review

Time tested: Six months

What’s good? At £36 this appears to be a cheap, highly portable way to get both wheels of a bike off the ground at the same time. However, it only works if your bike has a flat, smooth sump area at least 230mm above the workshop floor. This is ideal for an enduro bike, but rules out virtually all road bikes, even the ones with a bash plate or a pair of matching frame tubes – they are simply too low to get the stand underneath.

My Yamaha XT660R is only just tall enough to fit on (the stand can extend higher if needed by means of a thread on the support tube). Actually lifting the bike is easy enough, even if it’s heavier than the recommended 150kg (my XT weighs about 185kg). As long as you take care the bike ends up stable enough for cleaning or maintenance.

What’s not? It’s a very handy dirt bike stand. Sadly its height and weight restriction mean it won’t transfer to many road bikes – with the possible exception of tallish trailies and some classic lightweight Brit models with cradle frames. So it’s of limited use for your average road rider.

Quality: 3/5
Value: 4/5


Price: £36