AMMO Typhoon Wash & Shield, £9.95

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Time tested: Six washes/one month

What’s good: We used to drop a dollop of Fairy Liquid in a bucket and think we were giving our bikes a posh wash – but now the shelves are littered with myriad miracle solutions for getting, and keeping, your bike pristine. This new ‘Wash & Shield’ from AMMO is claimed to be a non-streak, non-staining, pH-neutral shampoo that leaves a film of protection on every surface it touches, thanks to its Nano Shield Technology. And while I’ve not dipped a piece of litmus paper in to test their pH claims, I can testify to it doing a great job of getting your bike sparkling clean.

The NST film appears to be real, too. Each wash does seem to take less effort, and the way water now beads off after washing suggests it’s repelling all that touches it. I use a capful in a big bucket, but also use a stiffer solution in a spray gun as a prewash if the bike is properly grotty.

What’s not? If your bike is seriously filthy then it lacks the ease of use of something like sDoc100’s PowerGel, but you can’t really criticise a product for not being something that isn’t in its design brief!


Value: 5/5
Quality: 5/5 


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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland