Product review: Givi B34N Monolock top box and base plate

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Alison, our Office Manager, has used this Givi top box on her Honda X-ADV, it suited her well for the daily commute and foreign jaunts.  

What’s good?

Givi products are good quality and this 34-litre top box and base plate are no exception.

To fit the base plate box you need to be meticulous. Lay the numerous parts out to avoid confusion and if you follow the clear instructions you shouldn't have a problem. The base plate fitted to the existing rack in the X-ADV. Initially attached loosely before systematically tightening each bolt. The top box clips into lugs and is locked onto the base plate, the same lock opens the box - hence the name Monolock

I was surprised how much I could fit into the 34 litre case. It was large enough to hold my kit for a weekend touring in France and had enough space for some edible French fancies I stowed on the way home. I've used it for my daily commute, my laptop will lay flat in the base and my daily essentials, which include packed lunch and gym kit, fit with ease. It’s shaped to hold a full face and my size small fits with ample space around it.  

What's Not?

When it is fully loaded and removed from the bike, it's cumbersome. The handle is integral to the the box and the position means when it's carried I have to awkwardly twist my wrist, which is downright uncomfortable.

Price: £137.04
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5

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Alison Silcox

By Alison Silcox

Office Manager and centre of the MCN universe.