BC Bravo 2000+ smart charger review

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This is a smart charger and maintainer for use on 12v lead-acid bike and car batteries up to 100Ah. It also packs an additional testing function that allows you to analyse the battery and the bike’s charging system, and it does so via very easy to follow step-by-step instructions on the LCD display.


You don’t need to have a physics degree in order to operate it. It’s really simple to use and happily recovered a discharged battery that had been left to languish. It’s a nicely made piece of kit with high quality connectors, and looks good beneath its faux carbon-fibre shroud.

  • Tested for two months
  • Price - £88.99
  • Quality - 4 stars
  • Value – 3 stars
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Bruce Dunn

By Bruce Dunn

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