5 fantastic paddock stands

A paddock stand is a garage essential for most motorcyclists, available from the MCN Shop

If your bike doesn’t feature a centre stand then a paddock stand is an essential bit of kit for trouble-free maintenance. Most are available for both twin and single-sided swingarms, depending on the motorcycle model.

A paddock stand enables you to easily lift the wheels of your bike from the ground and also levels the bike to make it easier to access the left side of the machine.


For chain maintenance, they’re indispensable. By allowing the rear wheel to spin freely, you can easily apply lube to the chain. They’re also good for saving space in the garage too, by keeping the bike upright instead of letting it lean. Obviously, if your motorcycle has a shaft drive then this doesn't necessarily apply, thought they're also great help when it comes to removing rear wheels.

Here are our top 5 rear paddock stands, currently available on the MCN Shop.

R&G Racing Rear Paddock Stand £76.49

R&G Paddock stand

This powder coated rear paddock stand is modular, meaning it can be taken apart for easy transport. The specially designed hooks and fully adjustable arms are compatible with R&G cotton reels and spindle sliders.  

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MotoGP 1 Piece Rear Paddock Stand £59.99

MotoGP 1 Piece Rear Paddock Stand

This stand is made from uncut continuous 32mm rolled steel tubing and comes ready to use – meaning no awkward assembly. The MotoGP option offers plenty of strength, meaning minimal movement once your bike is on it.

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Oxford Big Black Bike Rear Paddock Stand £59.99

Oxford Big Black Bike Rear Paddock StandOxford Big Black Bike Rear Paddock Stand

The Oxford Big Black stand is incredibly rigid, making it perfect for multiple functions. Alongside this, it also comes with four chunky wheels to help with movement and fully adjustable padded swingarm rests. 

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BikeTek Aluminium Rear Paddock Stand £56.49

BikeTek Aluminium Rear Paddock Stand

This racing paddock stand has been made from lightweight oversized aluminium tubing, for greater strength and build quality. This stand is supplied with bobbin fork mounts, which are width adjustable to accommodate all twin swingarm motorcycles.

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Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand £57.49

Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand

The Oxford Premium stand is constructed from chunky 38mm tubing and comes with adjustable bobbin hooks and pads making it a great choice for all twin swingarms. The clean grip handles are also removable and can be cleaned after mucky jobs.

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