Top 5 mirrors for your bike

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Seeing what’s behind you, or what you have left in your dust, is more important than you think. 

They aren’t just for doing your make-up in, or for checking whether or not your hair is in place – getting the right mirror for your bike can mean the difference between a successful overtake manoeuvre and rolling down the hill side on fire, that infamous blind spot having caught you out. We have all had our near misses, but Lady Luck isn’t always on your side.

However, these mirrors, from as little as £4, should have your back...

Bike It Blind Spot MirrorsBike It Blind Spot Mirrors - £3.99 RRP

With a convex wide angled mirror to eliminate infuriating blind spots and an adjustable 260 degree mirror rotation to fit your riding position, this 40mm mirror surface allows increased viewing angles for maximum safety. Easy to install, and kind on the bank account, this could prove handy in almost any circumstance.



Gear Gremlin MirrorsGear Gremlin Mini Bar End Mirrors - £39.99 RRP

Available in either black or alloy finish, this compact and adjustable wide angle set of mirrors fit neatly into the handlebars with an expandable plug and bolt. They may look identical to the examples you can pay less that £3 for, but this high quality item will last far longer than only two trips before discovering you need a new set.



Bike It Inspection MirrorBike It Inspection Mirror - £5.99 RRP

Perfect for close-up viewing of those tricky to reach areas, this 2-inch inspection mirror can assist in locating that annoying fluid drip, checking oil levels, finding the cause of bodywork rattles or gas leak (and we are still talking about bikes still). Also good for trying to spy on your neighbour when you hear those blood curdling screams coming from the garden shed.



Oxford Universal MirrorOxford Universal Mirror – Diamond - £11.99 RRP

Suitable for most motorcycles and with a 10mm thread, this replacement mirror is good for keeping you legal on the road. Left and right are available separately, and while you may need to use Oxford Mirror adapters in order to use these replacement mirrors, they are easy to fix in.



Bike It Phoenix MirrorsPhoenix Bar End Mirrors - £19.99 RRP

You may look at this and ask if compatibility is going to be an issue. All we can say is this: if your bike handles are hollow rather than threaded then you pretty much have universal use of any mirror enhancements, such as this one here.