Top 5 race boots over £250

MCN Shop

Race boots offer the best protection for your feet, either on the road or on the track. Here are our top five race boots over £250 currently available at the MCN Shop.

  Sidi Vortice, £299.99
High-tech race boots with Tecno VR closure system that allows flexibility for a wide range of calf sizes. A Tecno-II system on the bridge of the foot and an instep tensioner stop the foot moving inside the boot. The toesliders are partially ceramic for extra durability.


  TCX R-S2 Evo Boots £299.99
CE-certified race boots with an elastic fit tensioner inside to keep them secure on the rider’s foot. There’s a wealth of padding and reinforcements, plus TCX’s ankle bracing system that allows necessary movement while limiting dangerous ones in a crash.


  Alpinestars Supertech R Boots, £379.99
Two-part boots that sit at the top of Alpinestars’ range are top-line comfy too, with a combination of an inner boot with a brace for the ankle and an outer boot that carries shin, heel and toe protection and the slip-on toesliders.


  Daytona Security Evo 3, £829.99
The ultimate in protection doesn’t come cheap, but these Daytonas have sturdy hinged inner boots to brace the ankle and protect the shins and toes with reinforcements. Then there’s a kangaroo outer boot with reinforced high-grip soles. p> 


  Dainese Axial Pro £379.99
Designed to be worn inside of Dainese’s racing suits, the Axial Pro In boasts an internal carbon-kevlar D-Axial structure designed to reduce twisting forces on the ankles. There’s an internal drawstring for fit and the boots can be secured to the inside of the suit legs.