Tyre advice: Can I still use old tyres?

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Q. I have a pair of aged Pirelli Dragon Evos on my Kawasaki ZX-7R and I need to replace the front, while the rear has plenty of meat left on it.

It is, however four years old, but since I've covered only a few thousand easy miles it remains looking almost new. I'm concerned about shelf life, should this tyre be replaced anyway?

I don't have much funds at present so that's why I was thinking of just renewing the front (very worn). if so how will I match one to the rear?

SteveSAS, MCN forums
It's possible to store a tyre off a rim for a maximum of seven years in the right conditions.

That means in the dry and not in direct sunlight and not in a sub-zero temperature.

As your front tyre has been on the bike you need to ask yourself whether it's been kept at the right pressure, rotated regularly to spread the load, or even raised off the floor so that it didn¹t deform in some way.

As for matching a tyre, I¹d go for another Pirelli, probably a 120/70 x 17 Diablo.