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Published: 09 December 2017

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A few years back, I was thinking long and hard about the resale prospects of the first-generation Kawasaki H2. I reckoned they would dip initially, but if Kawasaki ever made a future classic, it is this. 

And yes, I’ve got one.

Kawasaki built a ground-breaking engine that decimates anything on the road, gave it eye-popping styling and presented it as a supercharged rocket – it was bound to sell (even if the thing is a bit compromised). 


Though still available in this guise, phase two of Kawasaki’s mission sees them producing a detuned version with updated suspension, brakes and the addition of panniers – the H2 SX. 

A decent used H2 Ninja is around £18,000 privately, though I’ve seen a crashed one make over £11k.

Anyway, what Kawasaki have done is exactly what they did with all their two-stroke triples, the Z1, the GPZ900R and even the ZX-10R. They all got weedier over the years. 

The S1 250, S3 400, H1 500, and H2 750 were civilised and detuned. The Z1 lost a few horsepower but gained improved handling, steering and brakes. It was the same story with the later versions of the GPZ900R, and rough edges were smoothed off the first-gen ZX-10R.

In almost every case, the earliest model is the one that is the most sought after and valuable (it might be a while before this applies to the ZX-10R, though). A mint 1973 Z1 or 1976 Z900 for example will be around £15k-£20k, twice the price of a new Z1000.

So, the future status of the H2 Ninja is assured. The new SX may be a better all-round bike, but in a decade or so it’ll be the 2015 H2 that everyone will pay large sums for. I bloody well hope so, anyway, as it’ll be my pension. If you think likewise, now’s the time to buy.

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