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Whatever aspect of biking you're into, the MCN Shop lets you compare products from different retailers in one place, making sure you get a good deal on your new bike kit.

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The MCN Shop has kit for every type of biker, from hardcore sportbike rider to newbie learner.  

Choose one of the types below that you think most fits you or the biker you're buying for then click on the link to see a selection of great savings currently available.

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, there's tons more bargains to be had in the MCN Shop. 


Sports biker
Mr Life in the fast lane worships at the altar of speed and lives for his next adrenalin hit. He doesn't even look twice at a bike unless its fully faired and his hero is Valentino Rossi. Constantly bores you by going on about suspension settings and obsessing over the best line through Paddock Hill Bend.

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Adventure biker
Mr Weekend rider is more interested in luggage capacity and comfort than lean angle or lap times. He's probably seen 'Long Way Round' more times than he cares to admit and daydreams about doing big miles on gorgeous roads in far-flung locations. Textile touring suits not one-piece leathers and flip-up helmets not flashy race rep lids... for this guy bikes are about the journey.  

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Learner rider
Mr New kid on the block is just starting out in the biking world and is still a little green. Constantly looking for advice and eager to learn more about motorcycles and riding. He doesn't have all the right kit yet and didn't realise how much stuff he'd need, so he's banking on Santa to solve the problem.


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Hardcore commuter
Mr All weather rider puts some serious miles on his bike come rain, snow or shine. For him bikes are a big part of his life and taking the car to work is either not an option or only ever as a last resort. He's the one sat at work in the morning looking smug and relaxed because his commute was faster, cheaper and effectively traffic free.


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