Celebrating St. George's Day

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In honour of St. George's Day, we've rounded up some of the best biking gear out there for displaying your patriotism and paying tribute to everyone's favourite dragon-slayer.

Celebrate St. George's Day with classic British motorcycles, respected British racers and, of course, cool stuff with the St. George's cross on it...


Wiz Knee Sliders

Wiz Knee Sliders
Widely used by racers at all levels, including world famous riders such as John Reynolds, Steve Plater and John Crawford. Universal fit. They're available in a range of designs, but it's their St. George's cross sliders that are of interest today.


James Toseland pendant

Rochet James Toseland  pendant
Racer James Toseland is famous for his striking St. George's cross BKS leathers. This item has James′ signature and name etched on 1 side. A very popular JT item, very cool ′dog tag′ design and only available in the UK! As with all James Toseland signature products, this item has been approved by James himself.


Arai Condor

Arai Condor
The Arai Condor lid has a triple density inner shell, free flow air system, visor brow vents, washable interior and a double D ring strap. Also happens to be available in this draped St. George's flag paint scheme making it probably the most patriotic thing ever. Warning - may cause increased chance of tickets when riding in France.  


Norton Sweatshirt

Norton Sweatshirt
What's more British than Norton? This grey Classic Bike Norton International sweatshirt features classy artwork by Nick Ward. Manufactured from 100% cotton, the top is machine washable and it's available in a number of designs.


Triumph t-shirt

Triumph 650 t-shirt
This t-shirt features a vintage ad for the Triumph 650, but the makers offer tees with a slection of classic ads from the forties, fifties and sixties. All of them hark back to the days when British bikes ruled the roads.


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