Product review: Sena 30K v Sena 20S EVO

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I have been spending time testing the Sena 30K - Dual (RRP £499) and Sena 20S EVO (RRP £233.10) on my KTM 125 Duke, which I have been running as part of the #MCNFleet17

In fact I've covered 2000 miles over three months. Here's how I got on...

What’s good about the Senas?

Headsets are a distraction while riding, right? Wrong! These Bluetooth headsets and intercom systems have come in so useful and have given me such confidence on my bike as a new rider this year. I’ve overcome many hurdles since passing my full licence in April, one being riding at night. Travelling to Staffordshire for a trials day with my fiancé, darkness started to hit and I was quite nervous, but being able to communicate through my helmet with such clarity, helped me ride in the conditions with more self-assurance.

Connecting my iPhone at a click of a button and then answering phone calls while riding has truly never been easier. Sena state the 20S Evo and 30K have a 1.2-mile radius in open terrain when using them as Bluetooth. In the real world, it’s about half a mile. If you do lose connection, once you’re back within range, both Senas automatically reconnect. You can set-up speed dials to call people while riding too, which is handy.

Both headset’s batteries have lasted for my five days coming to and from work (about an hour and 20 minutes) and I even forgot to switch the 20S off when I got to work one day! The 20S has a shark fin antenna as opposed to flip-up antenna, which has been brought back for the 30K. Sena have improved their 30K with their Mesh Intercom technology, allowing multi-way intercom of up to 16 connections, the 20S allowing only eight. Both have Ambient Noise control, which works great on the motorway and if you wear earplugs you can still hear well.

What’s not good?

I came across some horrific crackling in the earpieces of the 20S when connected via intercom. Then a series of beeps also occurred. Sena suggested downloading the Firmware to update the systems, which sorted out the crackling but not the beeping.

Both Senas have a built-in FM radio tuner and to change the station I use the jog dial. The jog dial is also the same to adjust the volume. Occasionally the volume will adjust as opposed to the radio station, which is quite irritating. Pairing two 20S systems or 30K systems together is easy and according to Sena, you can also pair all these Senas and non-Sena headsets together. However, trying to pair even three intercoms is a nightmare.

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Quality: 4 stars

Value: 4 stars

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