‘Perfect kit for any Sunday antics’

We tested Malcolm Smith Racing Voyager jacket (£239.64) and Summit trousers (£157.05) over 1500 miles and here's what we thought...

What’s good? I have been getting back into off-road riding but all my gear was well past its sell-by so I have brought myself up to date with a Malcolm Smith Racing (the amazing off-road rider in the film On Any Sunday) Voyager jacket and Summit pants. The suit’s first outing was in sub-zero conditions but, with a couple of additional layers, I was comfortably warm. The jacket does not come with armour, just the pouches for it to go in, but this is fine as I wear separate armour anyway. Both jacket and trousers come with plenty of zipped vents – a godsend in Italy last year where it went from chucking it down one minute, to sunny and 33 degrees the next. There are also plenty of pockets, including a cargo pocket in the back of the jacket and a hood that stows away neatly in the collar.

What’s not? Make sure you have zipped up your vents and pockets before riding through deep water at high speed. Wakes you up though!

Contact: www.msracing.com

Quality: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★★★