Review: Reactive Suspension fork course

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MCN Contributor, Rupert Paul tested this Reactive Suspension fork course (£210). 

Here's how he got on...

What’s good? I’ve now been on four of Reactive Suspension’s day-long courses. Tutor (and Reactive owner) Gareth Evans is calm and patient, and a mine of information. Fired up by his knowledge I’ve vastly improved the rubbish suspension of various 1990s Ducatis by transplanting high quality GSX-R600 cartridges and linear springs into them.

I’ve serviced forks for friends and the odd paying customer. I’m even putting Ducati cartridges into some 1970s Suzuki legs  for an Enfield special I’m building. You get the idea: once you get your teeth into this suspension lark, it transforms your understanding and the level you can operate at.

What’s not? Obviously, you have to be keen to splash out £210 on a day’s learning. It also helps if you’re reasonably used to working on bikes; stripping a shim stack takes a bit of concentration. But if you’re into racing, special building, restoration or just improving your bike, it’s superb.


Quality: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★★★ 

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Rupert Paul

By Rupert Paul