Product review: Motul E2 Moto Wash

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MCN Senior Production Editor, Simon Brown, tested this Motul E2 Moto Wash (£10.49 for one litre) for three washes. 

Here's what he thought...

What’s good? "The claims for this cleaner are impressive. It’s billed as a powerful biodgradable cleanser and degreaser that leaves a corrosion resistant film and is suitable for use all over the bike.

"With that in mind, I have been using it on my Ducati Scrambler FT. The method is simple, wet the bike, spray over with the cleaner, leave for a bit, agitate and rinse away. It leaves a decent finish."

What’s not? "This cleaner doesn’t quite perform as well as the company claims. Dried-on flies and flung lube do clean off but you need to put some effort in. It’s quite expensive but I have managed three washes and the bottle is about half full."


Quality: ★★★ 

Value: ★★★ 

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor